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Now Accepting New Patients!

Want to join the practice? Email or call/text us and we'll get you started. 
Do not send requests for medical advice or emergency care to our email.
If you need a doctor now, call 911.

**Our practice utilizes Spruce Health, a HIPAA secure platform for messaging and communicating with patients. 

Access is by invite once you are in the practice. 
It's amazing. Learn more about it here.


Mon - Fri: 8am - 6:30pm

Sat: 8am - 12pm by appointment only

Sun: Closed

Car Appointments

How do we take care of kids who are sick AND keep the office clean? We are very comfortable with car visits! Children are less stressed. We have mobile gear. We change into new PPE with each visit. Here's a picture of where we would see you, right outside our backdoor in the parking garage. So don't worry!

Does your child get very anxious about shots? We can do shots as a car visit: for some children, this markedly reduces their stress and makes the experience so much easier for everyone!

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Kids Playing Tug of War

Get Your COVID Vaccine!

Want to sign up for a NOMI vaccination clinic here in Utah?

Want to find out where to get a COVID vaccine near you?

**Both of these links include information for age 12+, for adults, and for first and second vaccines. 

Gallagher Pediatrics

I'm a pediatrician and a mom. I know the value of convenient care and the importance of a real medical home for your family. You need to be able to have checkups, sick visits, a telephone call, a video visit, a text with your doctor, and email in one place. Gallagher Pediatrics does all of that. You need a patient portal and a 24/7 phone number to reach the doctor. We have that too. You need to have a clean office and a safe way to have your children seen post-COVID.  Gallagher Pediatrics is the place to go for clean, safe, excellent pediatric care.

Are you interested in a prenatal visit by phone? Want to meet Dr. Gallagher virtually? Do you live too far away for an easy trip to the office?  Call or email the office to talk to us. Or book a video visit here.

**If you have insurance, we'll bill them. For self-pay patients, we charge $50 per video visit.


About the Practice

The COVID-19 crisis has changed all of our plans.  The practice of medicine and caring for our families will be different now.  I am encouraged by some of the changes in medicine that we are seeing in 2020 and look forward to offering you the most up-to-date practice model. Gallagher Pediatrics will NOT be an older, traditional office with a large waiting room, sick kids in with well kids, and limited access to your doctor.


Gallagher Pediatrics WILL provide you with better care in a safe way in this post-COVID era. Telemedicine will be routine. You can also have a traditional visit in the office or even a car visit, depending on the needs of your family. There is no waiting room and the office is extra clean.


I will offer a slower pace and longer hours to prevent confusion and worry about infection and to accommodate your busy schedules.  When you're ready for your appointment, you'll notify us through your phone and we'll bring you straight in to be seen. 

Personalized Care

Access and convenience 

High quality medical care


Why We Wear Our Masks...

Care Comes First

We share an office with physical therapy and with Dr. Kutcher's neurology practice. We will continue to ask adults to wear masks as they move through the common space in our offices.  Once in the room, vaccinated adults are welcome to remove their masks. 

Meet Our Staff

unnamed-1 (2).jpg

Finn McEneany, Assistant

Finn McEneany, PCHS grad of 2020, is with us this summer before returning to U Utah as a pre-med student.  Finn will be my assistant, working with Allie to welcome patients and learn the basics of working in a medical office.  Finn will also be doing research in sports neurology with Dr. Jeff Kutcher next door. We are grateful to have such an accomplished young man working with us!


Meet Our Staff


Dr. Eileen Gallagher, Owner

Dr. Eileen Gallagher has been practicing medicine for twenty years and has loved all of it. The fun and challenge of pediatrics is the best: a way to help parents and families care for their children and to build a healthy community. Now a business owner, not an employee, Dr. G has a newfound appreciation for the hard work of starting your own company and being your own boss.  With the help of the great team at Gallagher Pediatrics, Dr. G wants to continue to grow as a pediatrician and share the excitement and interest of child development and health with you. 


Allison Rhoads, Front Desk and Medical Assistant

Allie is thrilled to be back in her hometown of Park City working for Gallagher Pediatrics! She has spent years working with children as a lacrosse coach and ski coach. As an aspiring physician, her coaching experience inspired her to pursue pediatrics.

unnamed-1 (2).jpg

Finn McEneany, Assistant

Finn McEneany, PCHS grad of 2020, is with us this summer before returning to U Utah as a pre-med student.  Finn will be my assistant, working with Allie to welcome patients and learn the basics of working in a medical office.  Finn will also be doing research in sports neurology with Dr. Jeff Kutcher next door. We are grateful to have such an accomplished young man working with us!

unnamed (2).jpg

Deb Houghton, Front Desk Manager

Deb Houghton is joining us to work as a front desk manager.  She'll be managing appointments, helping with billing, and assisting me with patients as well.  Deb worked for many years as a pediatric intensive care RN and hospital administrator, then worked at home raising her kids.  Now that her kids are bigger, she's ready to get back at it, working and providing outstanding pediatric care for children.  Welcome, Deb!

Our Newpark Office

Come See Us!

We are at Kimball Junction in the Newpark Town Center, located on Highway 224 next to Highway 80. We are easy to reach from Park City, Salt Lake City, even Evanston!


Our office is in the Newpark section and we have access to the office from the bike trails, the Park City bus system, and plenty of parking.  The mall is easy to stroll around in and is also wheelchair-accessible, with shops and eating establishments and fun for when you visit us.


Gallagher Pediatrics has access to the covered parking garage for your convenience and for car visits if your child is sick. When the office opens, you'll text us when you're ready and we'll bring you straight into your room at the office or see you in the car if you prefer that.

Find us at 1154 Center Drive, Suite D240.


About Dr. Gallagher

I love practicing medicine. My patients know that I care for them and will provide them with great medical advice, support them as parents, and work with them to have the healthiest and happiest family possible.

I’ve raised five children and know the highs and lows of parenting and family life.  I have also had a long career as a physician and benefited from working in a variety of settings that promote and seek excellence in the rapidly evolving practice of medicine.  Yet I have always wanted my own practice and to run my own business. Now there is clearly a need in Utah for such care. People want a doctor that knows them and provides convenient and high-quality care. I have the experience and discipline to provide all of those things.

Education and Training:

Duke University, BS in Biology and Psychology

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MD

UC San Francisco, residency in pediatrics and year as Chief Resident in Primary Care

Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics


We Love Babies!

At Gallagher Pediatrics, we're happy to provide you with the extra time you need to bring in your new baby.

We will help you with virtual or in-person lactation support.

We can refer you to a variety of great lactation consultants.

You can have extra appointments for peace of mind.

You can even use the baby scale if you need it. (Just let us know in advance!)

Teens Are Terrific!

Dr. Gallagher loves to help parents and teens manage this unique phase of life.  Teens have a tough time in this post-COVID and modern world.  They benefit from a pediatrician who can work with them and collaborate with parents to help teens to live their best life. If you have concerns about your teen, you can also schedule a video visit with Dr. G or a longer appointment to discuss the details.


When You Belong To Gallagher Pediatrics, You and Your Family Have:

  • Access to a clean office and great team of clinicians

  • Saturday morning 'Ask the Pediatrician' classes

  • Monthly prenatal and baby care classes

  • Newborn care

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Well-child checkups and camp/sports physicals

  • Vaccinations

  • Developmental, behavioral, and attention, learning differences assessments

  • Sleep and toilet training consultations

  • Illness care (e.g. fever, colic, ear infections, Strep throat, asthma, allergies, vomiting)

  • Ear piercing

  • Convenient after-hours care and online access to accommodate busy schedules

  • Whooping cough and flu shots for parents and caregivers

  • Drive-though flu shot clinic in the fall

Other important information to note:

  1. We see newborns and well child visits in the office.

  2. We see sick children in your car in the parking garage of our office. We also have a designated room in the office only used for sick visits. The room is disinfected completely between patients. Let us know your preference. We will keep you safe either way.

  3. A credit card on file is now required for all patients. 

  4. Ask about joining the practice as a member to avoid form, portal, and telehealth fees.

  5. There will be a $25 charge for forms

  6. Telehealth services will be billed like an in-office visit to your insurance but if the claim is denied, you may be responsible for a maximum fee of $50.

  7. If possible, please limit to 1 parent and child for office visits.

  8. Please schedule all sick and well visits.  We do not accept walk-in care. 


What is Telemedicine and How does it work?

Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without an in-person visit. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, telemedicine allows you and your family to get the medical care you need from the comfort and safety of your home.


School-Aged Kids Need Us

School-age children are having an especially hard time adapting to our post-COVID world.  They need a community of teachers and doctors and other adults who are watching out for them, advocating, and caring for them.  Dr. Gallagher and the Academy of Pediatrics have many resources to help you. Book a check-up every year to meet with your pediatrician and come prepared to discuss how to stay healthy, grow, and thrive.


Wow! Preschoolers!

Preschoolers are pretty amazing. They are learning new things, remarkably smart and interesting, and will wear out their loving parents each and every day. Dr. Gallagher will consult with you on toileting issues, behavioral issues, and make sure your child has normal growth and development for age.  Just book an appointment and bring your questions and concerns to the expert.


Insurance/ Billing

Due to processing delays from COVID, many insurances are still processing.


Patients can either wait until their insurance is listed OR if they would like to come and see us out-of-network, they can do so for a markedly reduced rate.  If you need an appointment before your insurance company adds us to their network, we can get your appointments done by paying cash/card with a 30% off price. Call us for questions or more info.  *In-network providers will be updated every 2-3 days on the website. 

Complete and in-network:
Great West Health Choice


Tricare Select

Select Health


Beechstreet, Savility, Multiplan

United Healthcare, UMR

The University of Utah (Healthy U,  Healthy Premier)

Educators Mutual/ EMI Health Network

Steward Health Choice Utah (Medicaid)


First Health/ Coventry

Tall Trees **Tall Trees administers several plans.  Call us or email us your Tall Trees insurance plan info and we will make sure we are in-network with them. Tall Trees has many, many plans and most doctors are in-network for some but not all.  It's confusing, so call us and we'll figure it out for you.

***Due to lack of payment, as of September 10, 2021, we are no longer taking patients who participate in any health share plan, in Liberty Health Share, and in Oxford Health Plans. If you have those types of group coverage policies, feel free to contact us about our membership model or about other available practices locally that can care for your family.

Tricare Prime


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