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We Love Babies!

At Gallagher Pediatrics, we're happy to provide you with the extra time you need to bring in your new baby.

We will help you with virtual or in-person lactation support.

We can refer you to a variety of great lactation consultants.

You can have extra appointments for peace of mind.

You can even use the baby scale if you need it. (Just let us know in advance!)


Wow! Preschoolers!

Preschoolers are pretty amazing. They are learning new things, remarkably smart and interesting, and will wear out their loving parents each and every day. Dr. Gallagher will consult with you on toileting issues, behavioral issues, and make sure your child has normal growth and development for age.  Just book an appointment and bring your questions and concerns to the expert.

When You Belong To Gallagher Pediatrics, You and Your Family Have:

  • Access to a clean office and great team of clinicians

  • Saturday morning 'Ask the Pediatrician' classes

  • Monthly prenatal and baby care classes

  • Newborn care

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Well-child checkups and camp/sports physicals

  • Vaccinations

  • Developmental, behavioral, and attention, learning differences assessments

  • Sleep and toilet training consultations

  • Illness care (e.g. fever, colic, ear infections, Strep throat, asthma, allergies, vomiting)

  • Ear piercing

  • Convenient after-hours care and online access to accommodate busy schedules

  • Whooping cough and flu shots for parents and caregivers

  • Drive-though flu shot clinic in the fall

Please schedule all sick and well visits.  We do not accept walk-in care. 

Teens Are Terrific!

Dr. Gallagher loves to help parents and teens manage this unique phase of life.  Teens have a tough time in this post-COVID and modern world.  They benefit from a pediatrician who can work with them and collaborate with parents to help teens to live their best life. If you have concerns about your teen, you can also schedule a video visit with Dr. G or a longer appointment to discuss the details.


School-Aged Kids Need Us

School-age children are having an especially hard time adapting to our post-COVID world.  They need a community of teachers and doctors and other adults who are watching out for them, advocating, and caring for them.  Dr. Gallagher and the Academy of Pediatrics have many resources to help you. Book a check-up every year to meet with your pediatrician and come prepared to discuss how to stay healthy, grow, and thrive.

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